Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ronald Reagan Hosts the Mujahideen

I just couldn't resist sharing this picture - it reveals so much! The Americans and jihadis worked together during the Afghan war. Even today, the Americans are using jihadis against regimes in Libya and Syria. Furthermore, it was Reagan, not General Zia-ul Huq (who was merely carrying out orders) who radicalised Pakistan. The Taliban were deployed by American oil interests - then something seemed to have gone awry.

So here's the picture: enjoy!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Innocent and The Beautiful (short story)

(click above for short story)

Zafar Shah encounters both the CIA and jihadis in this story. The murder of nearly two million children through UN sanctions in Iraq may be ignored by collaborators, but not by the resistance. Even the beautiful has been corrupted, and the innocents killed.


On this fateful day, I spotted her on road 9A, waiting for her usual trishaw. There was traffic on the road, but I stayed focused. She was in a red-and-black shalwar-kameez, her arms bare, revealing teasingly her white shoulders and armpits. Then our eyes met: fortunately I looked away, and watched with horror a man, pillion-riding on a motorcycle, raise a knife towards Maryam.
"Marayam, get down!" I screamed, and ran towards the bike. The knife missed, as she ducked. The bike wove between the vehicles, and disappeared.
"That was close, Maryam," I said, panting, as I reached her crouching figure. She was weeping.
"They tried to kill me!" she repeated. It was as if she couldn't believe that they would try to kill her.