Friday, October 26, 2007

racism in england

A friend of mine is a doctor in England – a consultant, in fact. He came to Bangladesh a ‎few months ago, and he told me that the English regard colour as Muslims regard the pig. ‎

One of his patients came to him and said: "I don't mind coloured doctors, but my friends ‎do."‎

He has to put up with such taunts regularly. ‎

Another friend – also a doctor, but a Ph. D candidate at a prestigious university – says ‎that he would never live in England because of the racism he has encountered. ‎

My cousin's husband recently went to England to do his MBA, leaving his wife and new-‎born son behind. He planned to take them to England after finishing his MBA and getting ‎a job. ‎

He was little prepared for his experience there. Now he swears he will return because he ‎doesn't want his son to go through what he has to go through.‎

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