Thursday, April 24, 2008

the cheek(s) of Cherie Blair

:The Daily Star: Internet Edition

Cherie Blair (that's wife of war criminal, Tony) has been here in Bangladesh. Contrary to popular expectations, she was not lynched in this predominantly Muslim country. On the contrary, she was extended every fawning courtesy, and even invited to the state guest house.

But you'll never guess what she's been blabbering about! Human rights and the rule of law!

When you've stopped guffawing, reflect on the cheek (all four of them) of this woman: having helped her husband murder over a million Iraqis, she has the cheek (all of them) to come gallivanting here and lecturing us on the rule of law – and human rights!

Why was she not lynched? Why was she lionized instead?

Investigations are pending: all we can say is, there's always the next time!

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