Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hear ye! Hear ye! Genocidaire to prevent genocide!

"Preventing genocide is what one of Barack Obama's advisers call 'a problem from hell'. But this week a group called the Genocide Prevention Task Force published some helpful guidelines for the president-elect. It is a serious group, led by Madeleine Albright (a former secretary of state) and William Cohen (a former defence secretary). And its report is steeped in good sense."

The Economist, December 13th 2008, p 44

Not so fast!

Did you say Madeleine Albright? She who said that the killing of over a million Iraqi children through sanctions had been 'worth it'?*

This woman (?) is going to prevent future genocides?

Maybe somebody should tell her that she herself is a genocidaire.

Maybe it takes one to know one. But now I've heard everything.

"Health Ministry Statistics say that the incidence of abnormal births has increased 400-fold since 1991. The Iraqis also say that, all told, 1.7m children have died because of the various effects of UN sanctions."

The Economist, September 14th 2002

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