Monday, March 30, 2009

Why the tanks arrived 32 hours late

I have repeatedly queried why the tanks arrived 32 hours late – the mere sight of them (or news of their arrival) was sufficient to strike terror into the hearts of the 'mutineers' at Bangladesh Rifles in Pilkhana on 26th February.

Now, we have the answer.

It appears that the commanding officer of Savar cantonment – where the tanks came from – has been 'punished' with a transfer to a lesser posting. His offense? That he sent the tanks without the army chief's say-so.

Of course, that won't wash. Without the army chief, General Moeen's, command the officer would not have been rash enough to send in the tanks and risk court martial.

It seems, then, at the eleventh hour, General Moeen tried to redeem his honour and humanity by not consulting the prime minister, and sent in the tanks off his own bat.

An irate prime minister – who, in keeping with her psychopathic personality – became furious with the general, and the general appeased the lunatic by transferring the officer he had commanded to send the tanks.

And to think that all his could have happened 32 hours earlier – if the general hadn't listened to the maniacal prime minister, whose agenda appears to have been to draw the whole sordid tragedy out as long as possible: and then blame it on Islamic extremists.

And with the American ambassador breathing down the general's back to protect 'democracy', there was scant room for manoeuvre for General Moeen.

Another horror made in Washington, DC.

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