Sunday, September 6, 2009

There's gold in them thar hills!

Bangladesh Gets $19 Million from US & Germany for Reforestation Project

A worthy cause, pity the money will mostly go to waste: it'll end up in the pockets of either government staff and/or the hands of the ultra-corrupt insurgents, the PCJSS, (more likely the latter), with whom we (Bangladesh) have signed a bogus "peace" treaty. It'll buy arms for the group and generate a new source of income to supplement their current appropriations from government/donor handouts, as well as kidnapping and extortion. Their enemies, the UPDF, will also try to muscle in on the act - therefore, a tripartite division of the spoils seems the most likely outcome (not to mention greater violence).

And the worst part is that the western governments and donors know all about the situation. I guess the money has to go somewhere, and aid always serves the ultimate purpose: control over a foreign nation.

Consider this statistic: only 25% of donor money reaches the poor. So you can infer how much is going to go on photosynthesis.

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