Friday, February 5, 2010

Let me never forget

Evil returns, recurs and rises anew. How could I forget?

Five jihadis have been executed in Bangladesh for their bravery in 1975. I was paralysed by this injustice until I realised that this is how jihadis are meant to die. Islam is clear on the subject of evil: "If you find evil, fight it; if you can't fight it, speak against it; if you can't speak against it, hate it". This is jihad.

We must accept that evil endures, but we must not let it prevail. Evil has returned after 30 years, and, no doubt, it too will cease in the fullness of time. But there will be new evils to conquer, for the soul of men and women is darker than the darkest subterranean grotto.

Throughout the world today, jihadis are being killed, tortured, maimed….But they never relent. Millions of children have died in Iraq, yet their murderers are respected and our NGO people take awards from them and feel honoured to be honoured by them. Thus they sanction evil: but they will not prevail. The baubles of the world are worth less than a child's trinket: yet these are the things men and women seek: the honour of the dishonourable, the esteem of the contemptible, the recognition of the infamous, the adulation of the atrocious.

Evil is our daily companion, our constant adversary. I hope I never forget.


Anonymous said...

Ha you talk about souls. Those jihadis also killed children and women. Was that necessary? Even in war there are some rules laid down in Islam.

Those are plain murderers who killed for power. And power is what the jihad apologists crave for.

Iftekhar said...

Killing 2 million children and then after 2001, another 1 million adults, in Iraq alone could only been done by a conscientious western civilisation.

How many people have jihadis killed? At most 5,000. And how many have been children? Don't tell me: they killed 2 million western children, right?

Power is of course something that western civilisation never craves - never! They have never craved power in the last 500 years. They have embraced the world with love - flower power! Or mushroom clouds?

Only evil jihadis blow themselves up so that they can acquire power - a very odd way of attaining 'power', when you can't stick around to enjoy it.

The power to do good belongs to the secular west; the power to do evil is surely a monopoly of wicked jihadis.

Who can disagree with the logic, the trenchant analysis, the grasp of statistic of Anonymous? One cannot but agree.

Er...why Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Why do you call the people who hanged Jihadists? Is that a religious struggle or are you taking it in the broadest sense as any struggle? Is there a reason for the struggle? Does the struggle have to be justified by law or morals? There must be some guiding principles on the struggle. So what are they? Let's get the definition down pat so that we can then find what is a Jihad and what is not. Otherwise I can chase your definition without knowing what it is. So please define in your own terms without abstract references to scriptures and religious figures that can easily be taken out of context. What is it? Was Dante's Inferno a Jihad? Not the book, the protagonist's efforts. Was Jesus' 40 days and nights a Jihad? Was the nights and days in Jab-el-Noor a Jihad? Was Ghazzali's vigil at the Dome a Jiihad? Let's formulate and then proceed. Scientifically.