Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yet, freedom, yet, bikini torn but flying...

Vida Samadzai is not a totally free woman. Logic compels one to conclude that the less a women wears, the more free she is.

Samadzai here is wearing something. She is still not the antithesis of the burqua-clad slave: only when she appears in a Playboy centerfold will she be totally free (and us men would have something to drool - or worse - over).

But would that be enough?

Aren't the freest people those without any inhibitions at all? Surely, the freest people must be porn-stars. They reveal - everything. They have the courage to flout what I call "the monarchy of the gaze".

Go on, show us a little spunk, Samadzai - and let the men liberate theirs!

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