Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Racial Climbers

Most of my acquaintances are racial, not social, climbers.

That is because socially they are well-established and don't have much of a climbing to do. But racially, they perceive themselves to be untermensch.

They leave Bangladesh for the west, not because they are driven by pecuniary considerations, but because they wish to promote themselves up the racial ladder. They bring up their children to resemble the ubermensch as much as possible.

I am all for migration, but who are the people who should be migrating? Not these fat indoctrinated fellows, but the lean, uneducated, even illiterate ones. They are the ones who should be picking oranges in California or gutting cattle in Chicago. We don't need men and women with master's degrees and doctors leaving the country.

I have a friend who felt such respect for the untermensch that he used to describe America as 'heaven'. He is now ensconced there and very happy to be serving under the ubermensch when, in fact, he could live here like a lord. He even tries to speak English like the ubermensch (on the other side of the Atlantic) : he curls his lips around the vowels so that he takes on a positively simian appearance: ooooh ooooh ooooh!

They say slavery is illegal now, but what need is there for physical slaves when you have psychological ones? These don't even have to be policed for they'll never run away. They don't need to be branded because they are spiritually branded.

The recent recession has hurt these untermensch a little: the are losing jobs, tuition fees are going up, loans are disappearing....How can one feel sorry for them?

I know a driver of a three-wheeler here who is a credit to his faith: absolutely honest, totally reliable, and dirt poor, he was planning to sell his meager house for his father's prostate surgery. Well, that fate was finally avoided by the generosity of those who know him well. He bows before none but God, and does not know what an ubermensch is. He's the kind who should emigrate to escape poverty, and he's the kind the west will never accept.

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Anonymous said...

Yep you are right. Just to show off that your uncle can. It is a show for the rest of the relations, not for any help, certainly he does not need it. They'll have to stay there for 6 months every year for the next five years. Let's see how that goes. Is life really that better there?