Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Western Sanctions Terrorism

Timeline: Plane crashes involving Iran | Reuters: "Following is a timeline of aircraft crashes involving Iran in the past 10 years:

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14 crashes in ten years: that's quite a record for a wealthy country. In dirt-poor Bangladesh, there hasn't been a single plane crash in the last ten years (and more).

'Iran's civil fleet is made up of planes in poor condition due to their old age and lack of maintenance.

The country has been under international sanctions for years, preventing it from buying new aircraft or spare parts from the West.' Thus observes the BBC.

This is western sanctions terrorism.

In Iraq, the west murdered 1.7 million children with sanctions in 1991-2002. This is how they kill people: covertly. Even the Economist came up with only a one and a half page report on the genocide (September 14th, 2002, p 39). The west is a murderous and genocidal civilisation, that has been at it for 500 years.

We must stand up for the Iranians: these sanctions are inexcusable. Innocent men, women and children are being killed in these plane crashes. How long will this go on? It has already gone on too long.

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