Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Pious Lady And Her American Sons

I know a devout Muslim lady who says her prayers five time - sometimes six times - a day, and observes all the fasts no matter how unwell she is.

And she is proud of her sons because they live in America.

She is proud, no doubt, of the fact that her high-income earning offspring pay high taxes to fund Israel's wars against Muslims and America's murder of Muslim children. They have sworn an oath of allegiance to Eblestan.

As a devout lady, she should hang her head in shame that her children live in dar-al-harb. If we, as individuals, would abstain from praising these people, we would achieve a necessary internal rebellion: we should, on the other hand, praise the person who studies abroad and then comes back to serve the country.

If we do not achieve an internal revolt against the west, we shall remain slaves.

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