Friday, May 16, 2008

Fidel Castro, ethanol, food shortage and the nationalist editors of Bangladesh

"In his first political intervention since undergoing surgery last year, Cuba's Communist president, Fidel Castro, published a newspaper article claiming that American plans to boost ethanol use would lead to food shortages."
- The Economist, April 7th, 2007, page 6

Inside, the Economist – for the first and probably last tine – agreed with the old dictator.

That was more than a year ago: yet it has been only over the last month that Bangladeshi newspapers have stopped blaming the caretaker government for the rise in food prices and come clean about the international dimension of the problem.


Because – to propose a not-too-bold hypothesis – their darling nationalist leader (that is, the leader's daughter) has been bunged in jail by this audacious government.

[NB: it would be wise for most people to get their news from the internet, and not from our local press: only in developing countries is the demand for newsprint increasing; in the developed world, newspaper circulation is declining. This gives third-world newspapers – and their corrupt/agenda-driven editors – power to distort and disinform and spread propaganda. The mainstream media ALWAYS lies. Here's a great newsletter – and it's free!]

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