Wednesday, May 14, 2008

witches' knickers

"Witches' knickers" is the term for polyethylene bags: the reason is that they tend to stick to trees in strong winds, and float in the gale (you may not find the term in the dictionary, though – not yet, anyway).

The first thing that Khaleda Zia did when she became prime minister for the second time was to ban the use of these knickers; I sorely missed those undergarments: they were so sturdy! You could carry a ton of stuff in them without breaking them. Naturally: witches need strong panties, no doubt.

Now, Khaleda Zia is rotting in jail.
Moral of the lesson: don't mess with witches – especially their knickers.

[for the etymology of 'witches' knickers', see "Plastics of Evil", The Economist, 31st March, 2007, p. 40]

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