Friday, October 9, 2009

The ghost salary of a BRAC worker

A lady came visiting the other day, and spoke to my wife on various subjects. Then the topic turned to work and pay.

"I worked for BRAC," she began. My wife was certain she was going to praise that hallowed institution. "When my salary was 30,000, I used to be paid 9,000. And when my salary was 45,000, I used to be paid 12,000."

My wife's jaws dropped and so did mine when she told me about this. We knew that NGOs mulct both the donors and the staff, pocketing the difference, but we – very naively – hadn't expected it of BRAC. So, where did the money go?

To Abed, the founder, and his family, alleged the lady.

"We can't imagine the kind of lifestyle they have."

Oh yes, we can – now.

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