Saturday, October 10, 2009

mass murderer awards prize to local flunky

Remember the guy above? That's right: he killed nearly 2 million Iraqi children in cold blood, and let his lieutenant defend the mass slaughter ("the price is worth it").

Recognise the flunky below? That's right: that's Fazle Abed, founder of BRAC, receiving an award from a mass murderer, and we are all proud of flunky and master.

"Fazle Abed receives first Clinton Global Citizen Award 29 September 2007, Former US President Bill Clinton presented the Inaugural Clinton Global Citizen Awards to BRAC Founder and Chairperson Fazle Hasan Abed...""

"After the United States-led coalition devastated Iraq in 1991 to punish 'Saddam-Hitler', the United States and Britain forced murderous sanctions on that hapless country in an attempt to depose him. As in the Nazi holocaust, a million children have likely perished. Questioned on national television about the grisly death toll in Iraq, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright replied that 'the price is worth it'." - Norman Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry (Verso: 2001), pp 147 - 148

"Health Ministry Statistics say that the incidence of abnormal births has increased 400-fold since 1991. The Iraqis also say that, all told, 1.7m children have died because of the various effects of UN sanctions."
- The Economist, September 14th 2002, p 39

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