Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the casus belli

What's the casus belli?

1.7 million children murdered
through sanctions (with Madeleine Albright gloating on prime time).

Another 1 million murdered after the second Iraq War.

God knows how many murdered in the Af-Pak wars!

Whether Bin Laden is alive or dead is immaterial: will the jihad go on? Will the westerners keep paying with their blood and lives? Let us pray and hope. This is jihad.

Jihad is a Muslim's duty: we may not all be able to pursue jihad, but we must - must - encourage those who can. How?

If we give money to jihadis, they will arrest us. Fine. Some people will risk arrest.

But we can also pray for them: no government can arrest us for that!

We can slaughter a cow or a goat for them.

We can ask mawlanas to say a prayer for them: it costs very little, and is perfectly legitimate. No state can arrest us for that.

Somehow or other, we must encourage the jihadis: if they killed 3 million in Iraq, then the loss of 3,000 American lives is nothing. It is a pathetic exchange.

Jihad is a duty: if we cannot perform it, we must encourage it.

Muslims of course are scumbags: so long as they are comfortable, they will not fight jihad. This must change. JIHAD!

Include a prayer in one of the five for the jihadis! Or is that too much to ask? Are yo so so in love with life and America that you can't offer up one prayer for your jihadi brother? Shame!

You have relatives in America? Then warn them to leave. If they don't, so much the worse for them. He who lives with ebles must suffer the fate of ebles.

The Great Satan is western civilisation: wish him luck who embarks on its destruction. Then pray.

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