Wednesday, May 4, 2011

They never die

A jihadi never dies. So says the Koran. Even if Osama has been killed in the flesh, he is not dead. No pious Muslim (that is, 1 billion people) will ever believe that he is dead. A jihadi does not die. He cannot be killed. He always lives. His flesh will not decay, and his spirit is everlasting.

No Muslim will ever say or believe that he is dead. The Koran says he lives, on and on....

Bin Laden knew this when he chose jihad....He knew he would never die. No matter what the enemy did to him, he was deathless, as the Koran has said.

How can the west fight against such belief?


It's as if the west is fighting with a ghost: as if they are fighting against an idea with bullets and helicopters. Don't they realise they can never kill a jihadi? No true Muslim will ever say of a jihadi, "He is no more!". It would be blasphemy.

He will live always.

Never try to kill a jihadi: it simply won't work. A billion jihadis will spring up....

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