Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Queen of Bangladesh

The Queen of Bangladesh has been arrested; for those who thought Bangladesh was a ‎Republic, this may come as news. A few Bangladeshis have reacted with horror at the ‎thought that the Queen of the Republic could be bunged into prison on extortion charges. ‎After all, if I had been bunged into prison, that wouldn't have mattered. I am a mere ‎subject…I mean, citizen. ‎

But the daughter of the King of Bangladesh is surely above the law. Mahfuz Anam of the ‎Daily Star, who had gone on and on about human rights and equality, condemned the arrest of ‎the Queen. After all, we are living in a constitutional monarchy, and a Queen cannot be ‎arrested. ‎

On the other hand, millions of people are happy that the Queen is behind bars: in her long ‎sixteen-year reign, the Queen had made life impossible for the average subject…I mean, ‎citizen. ‎

The oligarchs that grew rich around her, like the barons of old, are not in favour of the ‎army. They have stolen millions over the last sixteen years, and now they can't spend ‎their loot, or invest their booty…they are greatly irked at having to follow the law. This ‎again confirms that we are not living in a Republic. ‎

If a Queen is accused of a crime, she must be kept comfy at home, with hot and cold ‎running water, air-conditioning, soft sofas, thick carpets, a Mercedes. And if or when her ‎highness deigns to visit the court for a cuppa, then and only then should she be ‎questioned, after apologies from all concerned, judges, lawyers, ….‎

If she doesn't like the questions (a fair bet) she should be free to turn her backside on the ‎said judges and lawyers and go out to greet her lackeys…I mean, followers. ‎

That is how a Queen should be treated. ‎

Long live the Queen (in jail) ! ‎

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