Friday, July 20, 2007

Using Students Again

Déjà vu.

‎The Bangladesh Chatra League has again been mobilized to come to the rescue of ‎their patron, Sheikh Hasina. These boys can't be blamed for letting her ruin their ‎young lives: but we, the silent spectators of their ruin, can.

‎How many parent would send his or her son to join the Chatra League? None. ‎

A boy who graduated from Pabna Cadet College, and joined Dhaka University, ‎became a leader overnight. His father is a teacher, and his mother a housewife. He ‎comes from a good family. Nevertheless, he was given control over a hall: he had ‎power, and he was thrilled. ‎I personally know two ex-BCL boys (men now, yes they grow up) who are social ‎outcasts. One of them is a junkie, and the other can't hold a job. His wife left him, ‎saying that she would come back only when he could get, and hold, a job. The ‎former student leader has had another round of rehab – let's hope this will be his ‎last. ‎

I know an intellectual who refused to let his son get admitted to Dhaka College – ‎even when the boy failed to get into Notre Dame. And yet he was a stalwart ‎supporter of student politics. I spoke with Fr. James T. Banas to get his son ‎admitted, and we both stared down at the floor in shame that a man of his stature ‎should have such terrible double standards. The intellectual himself approached Fr. ‎Peixotto and got his son in through the back door. ‎The boy's married now (yes, he has grown up also) and his wife hasn't left him, and ‎he isn't on drugs.

‎Canny intellectual father! ‎

How many of you want your sons to join the student bodies? ‎

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