Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sheikh Hasina arrested

It's about time.

She has committed every crime in the book over the last sixteen years. She should be made to pay for every day of hartal that she called, for every life that she ruined with her student and youth fronts, for every rape that her goons committed....Greek democracy had the custom of ostracism: when anybody got out of hand, they would banish him from the city. Let us do the same to Sheikh Hasina and her ilk- but, instead of banishing them, let's put them away behind bars.

And we must remember that they could never prove AL Capone murdered anyone -they had to get him on tax evasion.

Whatever it takes, let her spend the rest of her days where she belongs - in a tiny 4 X 4 cell. That's more room for manoeuvre than she ever gave us.

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